Make an Appointment

Get treated by world-class physicians providing breakthrough treatments with cutting-edge technologies.

How to make an appointment

In order to make an appointment to the cancer center a doctor referral will be needed. Your physician’s office will need to call the office and set up an appointment.

What to expect at your appointment

Normally when a patient comes to the cancer center they are filled with many emotions such as fear and anxiety. At Ashland Bellefonte Cancer Center we want to eliminate those fears and leave the patient with feelings of hope and trust in our team of dedicated cancer professionals.

How to choose an oncologist

When people begin looking for an Oncologist (cancer specialist) they often rely on the referral of their family practice or primary care physicians. A number of people take the advice of family members and friends, while some people choose a hospital first because of its reputation for providing excellent cancer care and then choose an oncologist on staff. Other methods of finding an oncologist are through the local Medical Society or Hospital Information Hotline where a list of area oncologists & specialists is available.

How to choose a cancer facility.

Given cancer’s complexity, a center that offers a full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment options, as well as specialty departments, can make a big difference in your experience and in your outcome.

Tips for talking with your physician

An important part of good health care is a good relationship between you and your doctor. You must be able to communicate well with each other so your needs are met. Cancer treatment often means that you will have more than one doctor. Sometimes other health specialists are involved, too. You may get facts from many sources. However, it is a good idea to choose one doctor to be your main source of information. You can turn to this doctor with your concerns. This doctor may or may not be the one you see most often. Only you can make that choice, and this information can help.