What to Expect

This is what your first appoint will be like

Normally when a patient comes to the cancer center they are filled with many emotions such as fear and anxiety. At Precision Cancer Centers, we want to eliminate those fears and leave the patient with feelings of hope and trust in our team of dedicated cancer professionals.

When a patient comes to the cancer center for their first appointment it is best to bring the following with them to help them be prepared:
  • If your referring physician has not sent recent test results, be sure to bring them with you along with any x-rays pertaining to your diagnosis and pathology slides and reports.
  • A list of prescription medicines that you are currently taking along with the dose and the frequency.
  • It might be a good idea to bring along a family member or friend that would be helpful in speaking and listening to the physician. It is always helpful to bring someone for support.
  • Medical records will need to be sent to the office before the patient’s first visit and should contain recent tests, labs, and information pertaining to the diagnosis including x-rays, pathology slides, and reports. Any information helpful to the oncologist is welcomed.
  • Insurance card
  • Social Security Card

If you have any questions prior to your visit do not hesitate to call the office. We can be reached at 606-836-0202.

Our Cancer Professionals.

Our physicians bring world-class training to eastern Kentucky front he country’s top cancer institutions including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.