Bob Matthews of Ashland chose Doctor Kirti Jain and ABCC following surgery for transitional cell cancer in 1996. That tumor was classified a 4a and follow-up chemotherapy was strongly recommended. The choice of “where” was made after learning of Doctor Jain’s reputation from others plus his experience at Sloan-Kettering Institute, a well known cancer treatment pioneer. Thankfully, that cancer has not come back after 16 years.

In April of 2012 Mr. Matthews was diagnosed with Lymphoma – a cancer of the Lymph glands. He again chose Doctor Jain and ABCC. He has now undergone 6 treatments and is progressing well. He has maintained his high regard for the close monitoring and excellent attention to every detail of his progress. “Dr. Jain misses nothing about my case and his staff is outstanding in my opinion. I have never seen a better group of caring, knowledgeable and helpful nurses than those in ABCC’s treatment department.”