Our History

World-class physicians providing breakthrough treatments with cutting-edge technologies.

Our History.

For the first 35 years of our operation, we worked under the monikers of “Ashland Bellefonte Cancer Center” and “Highlands Cancer Center”. However, the field of oncology medicine has changed dramatically within the last 3 decades; as a result, we have decided to grow and change with it. Thus, we have changed our name to reflect the growth and development in our field – We are now Precision Cancer Centers.

We offer precision radiation therapy with submillimeter accuracy, precision drugs that can differentiate a cancer cell from a normal cell, and a personalized treatment to help each individual patient overcome their unique form of cancer. Our new name, “Precision Cancer Centers” reflects our growth and medical advancements.

We are proudly the only free-standing cancer centers of the region. Being free-standing cancer centers means we get to focus soley on YOU and your journey to health.