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World-class physicians providing breakthrough treatments with cutting-edge technologies.

Our Distinguished Staff.

At Precision Cancer Centers, we are committed to providing comprehensive and quality care by combining the newest technologies, a highly trained staff, and world-class physicians undoubtedly creating the most advanced cancer program in the area.

Our Providers

Our Physicist


Our Nurses

Our team of Registered Nurses (RN’s) are trained specifically in the field of oncology to accurately and safely administer chemotherapy and to ensure that each patient is receiving the correct care. As a job requirement of PCC once a nurse has been on staff for one year he or she must begin the process of becoming OCN certified (Oncology Nurse Certified). OCN nurses are rare and the preparation and testing to become one is very difficult. We take great pride in the fact that our nurses are able to attain this high and difficult honor. Patient care is important to us and it is important that we offer only the best. Our cancer team not only consists of RN’s but of a medical assistant as well. The medical assistant is trained to assist the physicians and nurses. The medical assistant will normally call the patient back to the room and take a medical history and the patient’s vitals prior to the physician seeing the patient.

Our staff is committed to providing quality care and assurance to our patients during their difficult time. The oncology nurses administer the chemotherapy in an intimate setting where patients can relax and be at ease. The chemo room is equipped with recliners, beds, and a television to provide the patients with the comforts of their own homes. Patients are encouraged to bring family or a friend with them for support while they are receiving treatment.

Casey Traugott, R.N., Chemotherapy Nurse

Kristie Russell, R.N., Chemotherapy Nurse

Amy Haney, R.N., Chemotherapy Nurse

Lisa Kelley, R.N., Radiation Oncology Nurse

Alice Smith, R.N., Chemotherapy Nurse

Our Therapists

Several radiation therapist who are skilled in the accurate delivery of radiation and specifically trained in areas like treatment, CT simulation and diagnostic procedures under the guidance and supervision of a radiation oncologist and a physicist. The dosimetrist is also a part of our radiation team and assists the radiation oncologist and physicist in the radiation treatment planning. These three individuals work together to deliver the precise dose of radiation while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

Vanessa Ball, RT(R), Registered Radiologic Technologist

Brian Boone, RTT, Radiation Therapist

Lisa Stevenson, RT(R)(T), Radiation Therapist

Kayla Bryant, RT(R)(T)

Essential Staff

Melinda “Lin” Prasad, Operations Manager & Director of Clinical Research

Rhonda Branham, Prestonsburg Office Manager

Asheesh Jain, Medical Director of Clinical Research & Assistant Manager

Sumiati Justice, Executive Assistant

Tracy Edwards, BSMI, RT(R)(T)ASRT, CMD, Dosimetrist

Joey McGuire, Clinical Research Coordinator

Donnita Bostic, Patient Financial Advocate

Brenda Norris, Accounting Manager

Rhonda Mansfield, Phlebotomist

Theresa Kintigos, Medical Assistant

Lori Lewis, Medical Assistant

Shelby Johnson, Medical Assistant

Mark Baker, CPhT, Pharmacy Technician

Carly Osborne, Physician Liaison & Marketing Director

Maria White, Medical Assistant

Briana Patton, Medical Assistant

Caitlin Castle, Medical Assistant

Mary Slaughter, Reception Associate

Gwen Heaberlin, Reception Associate

Chandra Dobson, Reception Associate